poles-granit_jasa-poles-granit-di-rawamangun-jakarta-timurA time comes when it is difficult to ignore the faults and dullness that a marble wall develops with time. It loses the touch of class that it was intended to have and becomes generally unpleasant. At that time marble restoration becomes the only way to return the wall to its former glory. Once marble wall is restored via VIP Stone Restoration Sydney, it shows off its aesthetic value without losing even a bit of its functional value.

Risk factors for wall dulling

Marble walls wear at different speed based on the part of the house where they are located. If this stone is used in the bathroom or in any other place that is exposed to consistent exposure to water and detergent, it is likely to wear faster. Walls next to kitchen surfaces that is prone to being soiled. You may need to clean with detergents that make it to wear faster.

Regular maintenance

Regular cleaning of marble wall should be done with plain water and rug to get rid of dust and other dirt. You should always avoid bringing the wall into contact with any acidic detergent because it stains the wall. You can use ammonia once in a while to clean it, you should however have in mind that frequent exposure to ammonia makes it to dull much faster.


Anyhow, marble wall will become dull slowly over time. In such cases marble restoration should be done by a professional hand for the best results. The calling signal for restoration should be dulling of the wall of any place in the house.